Technique is suitable for all types of eyebrows, especially for people with lots of hairs, or even for lips and eyes. This technique consists of applying pigment throughout the area, simulating the application of makeup pencil. For a natural effect, a color gradient (shadow, ombre) is used. However, it is still a great technique for filling and shaping brows, that is thin or misshapen, to make a pop of color in your lips, and lift up your eyes. 


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1h30 - 3h30

This procedure defines your lips, giving a fuller, more uniform appearance. Part of the process involves outlining the border around your lips. They're then filled in with the color of your choice.


1h30 - 2h30

A method that involves the application of hundreds of dot to gradually build up the eyebrow. Rather than filling in the brow solid, this method uses a machine to gradually build up the brow, creating definition softness for a natural-looking eyebrow.


1h30 - 2h30

If you love the look of a fuller lash line but lack the necessary steady hand, this is for you. Permanent eyeliner pushes color into the lash line, mimicking the look of a darkened top lashline that stays on through sweat, sleep, and showers.

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