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Apprenticeship Program Page! 

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Become an Apprentice!

The apprenticeship training and mentorship is for beauticians who are seeking to further professionalize in micro-pigmentation or better known as body art. The Jhelln House of Beauty offers an in-depth learning experience where professionals can learn through different lengths and prices to truly become a professional with micro-pigmentation. 

The apprenticeship program is not a place to retrieve a license for micro-pigmentation but to expand your experience and knowledge. Beautyiticians will have a mentor whom they closely learn techniques from. The apprenticeship training and mentorship is the perfect opportunity to expand your techniques, experience, and fully understand the daily life of a micro-pigmentation professional. 

Take a deeper look at our other apprenticeship pages to see what option best suits you. The Jhellen House of Beauty is waiting for you to join and become the best micro-pigmentation artist you can be! 



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